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Open: 10.60
Change: +0.18
Volume: 103,502
Low: 10.49
High: 10.72
High / Low range: 0.23
Type: Stocks
Ticker: ALLT
ISIN: IL0010996549

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Sector: Telecommunication


Empowering Service Providers Allot Communications is a leading provider of security and monetization solutions that enable service providers to protect and personalize the digital experience. Service Delivery Framework Allot’s flexible and highly scalable service delivery framework leverages the intelligence in data networks, enabling service providers to get closer to their customers, safeguard network assets and users, and accelerate time-to-revenue for value-added services. Innovative Technology, Proven Know-How and Collaboration Excellence We employ innovative technology, proven know-how and a collaborative approach to provide the right solution for every network environment. Allot solutions are currently deployed at 5 of the top 10 global mobile operators and in thousands of CSP and enterprise networks worldwide.