1.7677 NZD (-0.28%)
Open Real time data - Forex
Open: 1.7726
Change: -0.0050
Volume: 72,274
Low: 1.7635
High: 1.7742
High / Low range: 0.0107
Type: Forex
Ticker: EURNZD

EUR/NZD - Potential flat level breakout setting up. - 09/15/2020

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  • Timeframe : 4H

The Daily chart has produced a lower high, and is in the process of potentially breaking lower and creating a fresh daily low.

There appears to be a flat level forming around .7676, with lower highs in price indicating selling pressure. 

An entry below this level could be an economic way to join the trend should it resume from here, while a stop-loss above a recent swing-high should offer reasonable technical protection.

Consider taking partial-profits once the 1:1 target is reached and trailing the stop until the final target is reached. 
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