22,714.44 JPY (+1.83%)
End-of-day data - Japan Indices
Open: 22,341.27
Change: +407.96
Volume: 0
Low: 22,325.75
High: 22,734.11
High / Low range: 408.36
Type: Indices
Ticker: NK225
ISIN: XC0009692440

NIKKEI 225 - Exposed to a New 21-Year High - Surged More Than 10% - 10/23/2017

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NIKKEI 225 - Daily
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The Japan index, Nikkei 225, has an extremely bullish move over the previous month as it climbed to a fresh 21-year high near 21753 price level. The price is completing the second bullish month in a row as well as it printed the sixth consecutive green week, adding more than 10% to its performance. The upward tendency started following the rebound on 19056 support level, which coincides with the 50-week SMA.

On the weekly timeframe, the technical indicators are endorsing the positive attitude on price. The MACD oscillator is strengthening its upward movement and lies above its mid-level, while the RSI indicator is holding in the overbought zone. The next target to have in mind is the 22722 resistance level, which is a level since June of 1996.
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