PRO cryptocurrencies or ANTI cryptocurrencies

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Having spoken with friends about cryptocurrencies, I find it very interesting to see that there are really two camps, "PRO cryptocurrencies" and "ANTI cryptocurrencies". What arguments does each side put forward? It would take a long time to list everything, but let’s try to make a general observation.

PRO cryptocurrencies

People who are "PRO cryptocurrencies" are generally crypto-traders who have already had good capital gains on their first cryptocurrencies investments. Are they convinced of the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology? Or are they blinded by their capital gains? Whatever the case, cryptocurrencies are now a part of their lives. From morning to night, whenever an opportunity lends itself, that is the time for them to refresh their wallets to see what the last hour of ratings has done to their cryptocurrencies.

These crypto-traders already feel rich, even if they are not necessarily rich yet. They believe in their investments, in the cryptocurrencies they have selected, so strongly, that they already see themselves with several million euros on their account.

Always looking for new opportunities, high-potential cryptocurrencies, ICOs ("Initial Coin Offerings"). That's all they ever talk about.

ANTI cryptocurrencies

People who are “ANTI cryptocurrencies" do not normally invest in cryptocurrencies. But, by dint of rubbing shoulders with crypto-trader friends, some end up letting themselves be convinced by the future potential of blockchain technology. For others, cryptocurrency is just a scam, a speculative Bitcoin bubble. They don't even understand why other cryptocurrencies exist and equate them to scams which are getting more and more significant.
The "anti-cryptocurrencies" first laugh and then only repeat what they have heard, so that tomorrow they can say: "We told you so". It was obvious. The sheep have been well fooled."

My position concerning cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

I am "PRO cryptocurrency". I believe in blockchain technology and see a bright future for it. Problem: is our society ready to welcome it? It is not the "security" of the technology that is the problem, but its "decentralized" characteristic. I am not sure that States are ready (today) to accept various fully decentralized ecosystems. They will have to one day. But first they will look for ways to take advantage of it and make this "decentralized” feature less decentralized. I don't know how because it is precisely this characteristic that creates the magic in blockchain technology.

Being "Pro cryptocurrencies" I am also"ANTI SCAMS". Ifind that States simply control the ICOs so that the cryptocurrencies are no longer polluted by SCAMS; these companies which raise funds through launching a cryptocurrency but which finally have no project to support them. Their only objective is to raise funds then steal from the investors.*

The future of cryptocurrency listings is likely to be very eventful. We can already see that today.. If States started talking about taking over cryptocurrencies, or banning them, the market could collapse .The cryptocurrency market will remain a very volatile market as long as it is not be accepted by society and considered as a "stock exchange" in its own right. However, in the long run, I do not see the cryptocurrency market being more volatile than the equity market. Reminder: buying cryptocurrency often amounts to holding shares in the company that launched the cryptocurrency. Well ok... Except when the cryptocurrency is only a "virtual currency" and not the fruit of an ICO from a company which has a project.

And you, what's your position? Whether you are PRO or ANTI, please discuss it.

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