Cryptocurrency AirDrops: how can you get them?

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An AirDrop is a free distribution of cryptocurrencies (tokens) which some investors can benefit from. Some cryptocurrencies do not perform an ICO ("Initial Coin Offering"); Tokens are offered directly by an "AirDrop" to investors who have fulfilled the conditions for obtaining them.

Investors are now competing to collect AirDrop tokens because the capital gains can range from a few euros to several thousand euros.

For information: Ripple and Stellar Lumens are two cryptocurrencies that were launched on the market by an AirDrop. Today, you have to pay a lot of money to own these two top cryptocurrencies. Investors who kept the free AirDrop Ripple and Stellar Lumens, will certainly have several thousand euros in their wallets!

airdrop crypto currency

What is the purpose of an AirDrop?

If tokens are not sold through an ICO, you might legitimately wonder what the interest of an Airdrop could be for companies issuing this new token. In fact, an AirDrop will not enable the company to raise money directly.

There are a number of objectives for AirDrops; they raise the company’s notoriety through AirDrop advertising; they significantly increase the number of users owning and using the new tokens; and they are a way of thanking the community that follows and/or gets involved in the project.

Some cryptocurrencies have the sole objective of being used as a "virtual currency" and do not constitute an ecosystem project or overall societal development; therefore, all the value in this cryptocurrency is only in its use and integration in the real world; the more the cryptocurrency is used and anchored in our world, the higher its value. So you can understand that launching with an AirDrop means a much better launch for some cryptocurrencies.

Different types of AirDrop:

To take advantage of a cryptocurrency AirDrop, investors must meet certain conditions, which can be very simple or much more complex.

Let's list the different types of AirDrop:


AirDrop through simply registering

Open to everyone, this AirDrop is the easiest. Investors simply need to register on the cryptocurrency site to receive it, free of charge, when it is launched. You can view the tokens on a private part of the site and can trade them on the trading platforms as soon as that cryptocurrency is listed on an exchange.
A simple email address allows you to participate in these AirDrops. Be careful however not to use your main email address because you are very likely to be invaded with spam.



This type of AirDrop is open to everyone and you just need to have a wallet address (as well as an email address) that can receive the new cryptocurrency. When you register for an AirDrop, your wallet public address will be sent to you and will enable you to receive the new tokens directly.
If the new token you are going to receive is an ERC-20 token (Ethereum), you will need an Ethereum wallet (e.g.: MyEtherWallet). If this new token you are going to receive is a NEP5 (NEO) token, you will need a NEO wallet (e.g.: NEON Wallet).

Remember: there is no risk in sending a wallet public address. A wallet public address can only be used to transfer tokens to you. On the other hand, NEVER tell anyone your wallet private key!This gives direct access to the wallet and allows any operation to be carried out (including removing all the tokens in the wallet). The private key is NEVER requested; if you are asked for it, it is a swindle, a SCAM, a con. Run away!

For your information : to see the new tokens in your wallet, you will probably need to register the new token hash. It’s nothing complicated. It is normally sent to you by the company launching the AirDrop. For example, to add a new token hash to a NEON wallet, just go to: "Participate in a token sale," then grab the hash.

For example on my NEON wallet, I added the tokens ZPT, CPX and TKY:

token neon crypto currencies

You don't have the token hash? Check this post, or ask the community if anyone has it ->All token hashes NEP-5 / ERC-20 / ...


SnapShot AirDrop


This type of AirDrop only benefits holders of certain cryptocurrencies. The company issuing the new token snapshots your wallet on a specific date to determine the number of new tokens that will be sent for free.

It’s easier to explain with an example:
Ontology (token ONT) will soon carry out an AirDrop to all NEO holders. In block 1,974,823 of the NEO blockchain a snapshot of all NEO wallets is taken to determine the number of ONTs to be paid to each one on the basis of 0.2 ONT for 1 NEO held.
This type of AirDrop makes it possible not to send tokens to everyone and anyone. The issuing company thanks the investors supporting the main blockchain.

Good to know: a snapshot AirDrop causes volatility on the cryptocurrency held; effectively, knowing that they must have such and such a cryptocurrency in a private wallet, some investors buy it before the AirDrop simply to take advantage of the free tokens, then resell the cryptocurrency after the snapshot. For example, ONT tokens are going to be given to NEO holders; so it's normal to see the NEO price rise until the block is snapshot, then it falls back after the snapshot; Investors buy NEO to get a good snapshot of their NEO wallet, and therefore a maximum of ONT tokens on the AirDrop, then they resell the NEO (if they are not interested in this cryptocurrency). Their only objective is to get the most free ONT tokens possible.

Tip: if you want to take advantage of a snapshot AirDrop, buying the crypto currency to hold at the last moment may be risky. Its price would normally have already gone up a lot and you would risk recording a capital loss while trying to resell it post-snapshot. It may be more favorable to buy the cryptocurrency to hold in a private wallet at least 3 weeks before the snapshot.

Good to know: snapshots are only done on private wallets; Investors holding the cryptocurrency (to be held) on a trading platform do not benefit from the AirDrop. For example, to make this last point clear: if you hold NEOs on Binance, you will not get ONTs on the Airdrop. Only investors holding NEOs on a private NEO wallet will get ONTs.


Bitcoin Talk AirDrop

Some AirDrops are carried out depending on your Rank on the forum " Bitcoin talk" and performance of some actions: These actions can be very simple (e.g.: post your wallet public address on the forum), or more complicated (e.g.: modify your post-signature to promote the AirDrop).
Some actions have very specific requests and these will always be stated on the Bitcoin Talk forum. It is up to you to read them and respect them to be sure to receive your new tokens.


Community airdrop

Free token distribution can also be a function of actions on social networks; you may be asked to follow a twitter account, to like or retweet a post, join a group on telegram,reddit or facebook. The main objective is to maximize communication about this AirDrop.


Other AirDrops

A little multiple choice quiz to fill in. Or an application to download from PlayStore. The actions you need to perform to get the AirDrop are diverse and varied. But I suggest that you be doubly vigilant because often there are no tokens in the end.

Is there a list of upcoming AirDrop tokens?

What's the next cryptocurrency to do an AirDrop launch? How can I participate? Where can I register? Each AirDrop is usually accompanied by an affiliate program which accumulates more tokens for each guest they bring in. So each subscriber can potentially invite (using an affiliate link) new participants to the AirDrop. Believe me, affiliate links are spreading like wildfire on the net. Some sites even specialize in announcing and tracking AirDrops. You only need to type "airdrop alert" to come across these sites. You will know which AirDrop is coming up next, but all the links you are given will be affiliate links (allowing these sites to earn free tokens on your registration.)

My opinion on AirDrop tokens:

Only snapshot AirDrops are good to have. They let you invest in a cryptocurrency and take advantage of free tokens that are launched via blockchain (e.g.: ONT AirDrops on the NEO blockchain)
The other AirDrops are just a way for companies to create buzz, to attract investors who will attract other investors themselves through their affiliate links that they will publish everywhere on the net (just to earn a few extra dollars). AirDrop ("bounty program") are only intended for that and really do not generate big profits, we are only talking here about a few cents or a few dollars at the most. At the same time, how much is a twitter "follow", or a Telegram inscription for a project worth? Not much. It's logical that they don't pay much. So these AirDrops are a "small gains" but attract a very large number of investors. Being free is an essential part of an AirDrop. And investors will never say no to a few free tokens, especially if they hope to see these tokens quoted one day at the same price as Ripple or Stellar Lumens (the two cryptocurrencies that have done everything possible with AirDrops).

My ideas about participating in token AirDrops safely:

Open a junk email box, and open a new Ethereum wallet.
And only use them to participate in AirDrops. This junk box will take all the spam, because after participating in an AirDrop on a simple email registration, believe me, your email box will be spammed. Using a new Ethereum wallet means you avoid mixing your investments with your AirDrop participation; it also acts as security because a "thoughtless" copy/paste of your private Ethereum address (instead of your public Ethereum address) can easily happen.

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