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What is MoneroV?

On 14 March 2018, in block 1,529,810, the cryptocurrency Monero are going to conduct a fork creating the cryptocurrency MoneroV (XMV). In block 1,529,810 all Monero holders on a private wallet will receive free MoneroV (see: Cryptocurrency AirDrop). The ratio is as follows: 1 XMR gives 10 free XMVs.

monerov cryptocurrency
Official MoneroV website:
NB: holding Monero on a trading platform wallet will not enable you to take advantage of this fork. For security, you are strongly recommended to transfer your Monero to a private wallet, but this is also so that you can take advantage of the Monero fork and receive MoneroV for free.

In an article on Steemit, the Monero team says: "If you were planning to sell your Monero, prepare to do so a little later...” implying that Monero has a very strong chance of appreciating by the fork date, and that at the fork date there will be free MoneroVs.

This fork could increase the price of Monero before the fork date as Investors looking for free MoneroV will buy Monero before the fork and cause the price to rise.

On the Bitcointalk forum investors consider the MoneroV emission limit as an "interesting mechanism change" and are interested in how this will affect the price of Monero in the future. They say: "We don't know what the value of the new MoneroV cryptocurrency will be, but we love free cryptocurrencies, don't we?

Monero and MoneroV: what's the difference?

MoneroV promises to introduce new scalability protocols, in particular MimbleWimble technology, which is to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2019, in line with the project’s route map. In June this year, the team also promises to release a simple GUI portfolio (a complete Monero node) and a Web portfolio.
MoneroV differs from Monero by its number of tokens in circulation; MoneroV will have a limited number of tokens, whereas Monero is unlimited.

Should I buy Monero before the fork?

At first glance, this Monero fork will give you free MoneroV. But this fork does not seem as well received by investors as forks previously recorded by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Some investors consider this fork useless and are afraid that it will harm Monero’s healthy development. A fall in Monero post-fork is therefore not to be ruled out. And that is before considering those investors who think that this fork is a SCAM.

Another important point is that investors have no idea when MoneroV will be put into circulation on the cryptocurrency trading platforms. Currently, no cryptocurrency trading platform has announced its intention to add the new FinTech MoneroV to its list; therefore, only Monero holders using an electronic money wallet with a private key will be able to receive these new XMV tokens.

In theory, the price of one MoneroV should be 1/10th of a Monero, but this information is still unknown. It is possible that MoneroV will never actually see the light of day on the trading platforms .

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