Londinia’s origin

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How did CentralCharts, a social trading network initially created for traders to share their analyses, develop artificial intelligence capable of automatically generating technical analyses? A look back at CentralCharts’ early days up to the birth of Londinia.

CentralCharts’ early days

Originally, from its launch in 2014, CentralCharts' objective was to allow traders and investors to freely share their technical analyses and to be able to find analyses for financial instruments and markets.

To do this, CentralCharts was designed as a social network. Logically, therefore, you can find there all the usual functionalities of this type of site:
- Search for analyses according to different criteria (trader, market, instrument, time unit, etc.)
- Ability to vote and comment on analyses so that sharing is not a one-way street but involves real interaction between traders.

As I often say, there are no good or bad technical analyses. There are only analyses which are either richly or poorly informed. That is why, today, I still invite all traders to come and share their technical analyses on CentralCharts. Novice traders learn from their analyses due to comments they receive from more experienced traders. For the experienced traders, they benefit from sharing with other experienced traders but, above all, they want to gather all the valuable information (divergences, chart patterns, etc.) that they would otherwise overlook.

CentralCharts has quickly established itself as the reference site for sharing and mutual assistance between traders.
In the beginning, only screenshots could be shared on the site. Not to mention that CentralCharts had no stock exchange listing! We therefore had to accelerate our development to offer traders innovative functionalities, more adapted to the future vision we had of CentralCharts.

CentralCharts’ development

It would be difficult to list all the improvements made to CentralCharts, but we can note the main ones:
  • Bid/ask, historical ratings, rankings and indicators on more than 220,000 financial instruments
  • A dynamic and innovative technical analysis platform
  • ”REPLAY” technology on analyses published from the CentralCharts or ProRealTime platforms
  • A module for requesting technical analyses between traders
  • 6 market scanners: chart pattern detection, Japanese candlestick charts, technical indicator signals, gaps, abnormal volumes or historical records
  • More than 500 press release and video suppliers
  • More than 1,100 free guide handouts
  • Accelerated trading training videos.
  • Etc.

Perpetually renewed, CentralCharts is constantly innovating and providing practical and new solutions for its members.

Birth of our artificial intelligence dedicated to technical analysis

CentralCharts is a real meeting place for technical analysis enthusiasts. We all came to the same conclusions:
  1. Analysing the financial instruments that we trade is a long and tedious task
  2. Each instrument must be analysed over several time units before we can determine the trading opportunities to be seized
  3. The time spent analysing charts makes all traders miss a significant number of trade opportunities.

These 3 cumulative constraints force each trader to focus their trading on a few instruments while excellent trading opportunities, corresponding to their trading strategy, are available on other instruments!

To summarize: there are too many financial instruments on too many time units to analyse!

And of course, time is against us when we need fresh analyses. Finding the most recent analysis for gold is not complicated, but finding the most recent one at the right time on a SmallCap is another matter.

These observations gave birth to an idea: to create an artificial intelligence capable of analysing instantly and, above all, on demand, an instrument on a given time unit.

Central Analyzer : BIG DATA

At the heart of all artificial intelligence is Big Data. As its name suggests, it is a huge amount of data that no analyst could assimilate because the volume is so large.

Londinia's first developments, therefore, focused on the construction of Big Data dedicated to market data. Named Central Analyzer, this huge and constantly evolving database includes over 220,000 financial instruments:
- Price histories
- 9 calculation periods and 4 time units
- 18 types of technical indicator
- 6 market scanners (chart patterns, Japanese candlesticks, technical indicators, volumes, gaps and records)
- More than 150 detections from these 6 market scanners
- More than 120 trend and momentum signals from technical indicators and moving averages
- Resistances and supports, as well as ProRealTrend.

In terms of volume, this represents more than 19 million results, updated using over 135 million calculations running in a loop.

Our artificial intelligence, Londinia’s operations

Londinia operates in two distinct ways on Central Analyzer data:

1/ Interpretation of data and the result of Londinia’s analyses

This is the TIP of the iceberg...
Londinia compiles, works and interprets Central Analyzer data. Decision patterns are defined based on the price history, previous analyses and the results of an internal simulation engine. All this occurs using real market conditions.
In its analyses, Londinia issues an opinion, an invalidation threshold and price objectives, then compiles a textual analysis.

2/ Back office work

This is the submerged part of the iceberg...
Most of the work our artificial intelligence carries out is in back office processing and simulations.
It is important to note that Londinia is not continuously self-learning. All analyses (both validated and invalidated) supplement a simulation engine that can create new situations or put forward suggestions for improvement. Our team of analysts work daily on these patterns to validate them and integrate them into Londinia, if the results are relevant.

Thanks to this system, our artificial intelligence adapts to all markets and to each instrument it has to analyse. However, the CentralCharts team keeps control and serves as a safeguard!

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