“Validated analysis or refunded credit” guarantee

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Using our artificial intelligence, Londinia subscribers benefit from the "Validated analysis or refunded credit" guarantee. Presentation of this guarantee and tutorial on how to obtain the reimbursement of your AI credits.

CentralCharts wants Londinia subscribers to be satisfied with Londinia's analytical work. The "Validated analysis or refunded AI credit" guarantee has been created so that traders only see their AI credits used for "VALID" analyses.

This guarantee works equally well if our artificial intelligence has a bullish or bearish opinion:

AI analyses’ status and repayment conditions

For each AI analysis, members can click on the analysis’ status and get the following details:

Analyses with an achieved objective or which has its invalidation threshold preserved are called "VALID".

In all other cases, the analysis is called "REIMBURSABLE" and subscribers are automatically refunded of 1 AI credit used for this analysis.

PS: you will note that, if our artificial intelligence does not provide a price target, invalidation threshold or its opinion is simply "NEUTRAL", the AI credit refund can be immediate.

In "My AI credits", subscribers can track all used and refunded credits.

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