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Definition of ProOrder

ProRealTime launched "ProOrder", a tool that allows ProRealTime platform users to implement and backtest automatic trading strategies quickly and easily.
Video presentation: Automatic Trading with ProOrder - ProRealTime Trading

Manage your trading systems from a single window

The ProOrder window gives you a clear overview of all the trading systems that you have running and lets you control them simply by clicking the "Start" and "Stop" buttons.

proorder trading systems controls

Easily create your systems, with or without programming

Creation without programming

A wizard lets you define your purchase/sale conditions and your money management by clicking on the elements to include in your system (prices, indicators, etc.), then by specifying your conditions, objectives and stop losses from drop-down menus.
Once your conditions are set, you just have to click on the "Generate code" button and the platform will write the trading system code lines for you!
You can create your trading systems without writing a single line of code.

Note that the code generated automatically by the distribution centre corresponds strictly to the conditions you defined.

proorder trading systems creation

Creation by programming

You can also create your trading systems by programming yourself in ProBuilder language.
This language, developed by ProRealTime, was designed to allow both:
- non-programmers to learn how to create ProOrder systems quickly
- programming specialists to make full use of their skills via the many advanced functions available.
For more information, see the Trading Systems Programming Manual (attached).

Test your systems before using them

Simulate your systems using historical data with ProBacktest

Test your system using historical data

The ProBacktest module allows you to simulate your trading system on all available price histories, so as to obtain an estimate of the performance that this system could have achieved if you had applied it over the tested period.

Long time historical intraday data covering several years

The more extensive and reliable your ProBacktest simulation is, the more relevant the result will be.
ProRealTime offers long time historical intraday data covering several years, whose reliability is ensured by a full-time data maintenance team as well as direct connectivity with the stock exchanges.

Improve your system

After simulating your system, the ProBacktest module displays a detailed report that lets you analyse the results in detail and improve your system.

Optimize your system

ProBacktest also includes a tool to optimize your trading systems.
Optimization consists in testing several scenarios with the same history, to verify which could give the best results.
For example, if your trading system uses a moving average, you can test it with any combination of moving average periods from 10 to 80 to see which period might give the best performance on the tested history.

Simulate your systems under real conditions with PaperTrading mode

PaperTrading mode lets you simulate placing orders in real market conditions but with a fictitious portfolio that you can reset at any time.
With PaperTrading, you can simulate your trading system day after day or second after second, in real market conditions.
It lets you see the positions taken by your trading systems in real time, and also lets you test your own reactions to automatic trading.

Tip: Simulation in PaperTrading mode is complementary to simulation using historical data through the ProBacktest module because it lets you simulate strategies second after second under real market conditions. For example, simulation in PaperTrading mode lets you simulate a strategy that has stop losses or exit objectives very close to the entry level and for which the ProBacktest module would not determine which of the stop losses or objectives would be executed first. We therefore recommend that you simulate your system in PaperTrading mode even after having identified seemingly high performances using the ProBacktest module.

Detailed statistics and reports on each system

Gains and losses curve

With each trading system, you can display a gain and loss curve that represents the system’s performance from its beginning.

Order and position history

The order and position history is available both in the detailed report window as a list, and also in the chart window as green and red arrows.

proorder stats reports


The detailed report gives you access to about thirty statistics on each trading system such as:
Earnings analysis: average gain by position type (long/short), percentage of winning positions, gains/losses ratio, etc.
Analysis of orders and positions: orders executed per day on average, percentage of time in the market, average duration between 2 positions, etc.
Risk analysis: maximum drawdown, maximum risk exposure, average risk exposure, etc.
Tip: the detailed report, order list and position list can be exported to an external application such as your spreadsheet (using drag and drop).

Define your money management

Our ProOrder module includes money management tools and security features to keep you in control even in adverse market conditions.
- Stop losses and stop loss trackers: In addition to your market entry/exit conditions, use fixed stop losses or stop loss trackers to protect your positions.
- Position amount limit: choose the maximum position size that your trading system cannot exceed (determined in capital, contracts or lots).
- Order limit: Choose the maximum number of orders your system will be allowed to place each day.
- Manual shutdown of all your systems: from the ProOrder window, a "Stop all" button lets you stop all your trading systems at once and close all your positions opened by them.
- Automatic system shutdown: the "Quit" command, that you can add to your system code, lets you automatically stop the execution of a system depending on your chosen conditions, such as: the market trend, the time, the consecutive number of losing transactions, a loss greater than a given amount, etc.
- Time conditions: use time-based conditions; for example, choose not to open a new position after a certain time of day.

Proorder Security

100% server side execution

When you start the execution of a trading system, it is encrypted before being sent to the ProOrder server that will execute it.
There is no need to leave your computer on: once your system is sent to the ProOrder server, you can turn off your computer without affecting your trading system’s operation.
Faster calculation: we use the latest generation of professional servers that offer much more computing power than the majority of computers used by home users; your systems are calculated faster, and you can use more complex conditions, even on short time units.
Faster execution: the ProOrder server, that executes your trading systems in real time, receives flows directly from the exchanges, giving faster execution of your stop orders in particular (direct connectivity with the exchanges for receiving flows with a very high update frequency).
Also, the ProOrder server benefits from a direct connection with the order execution servers, allowing orders to be placed and executed faster than the vast majority of computers used by private individuals, connected to the Internet via ADSL or fibre.
More security: server side execution protects you from failures that frequently occur on computers (e.g. loss of internet access, computer crash, power outage, etc.) and that could prevent you from seizing an opportunity or, in the worst case, making a significant loss by missing a market exit that your system predicted.

Protecting your codes

Encryption of your codes: your codes are encrypted using encryption keys before being sent to our ProOrder server. Therefore, we do not require your codes to be transmitted in clear text, which protects them from computer piracy. Moreover, to preserve the confidentiality of your codes, no ProRealTime employee knows all the encryption keys.
Safety audits: ProRealTime regularly undergoes voluntary external IT security audits and, if necessary, applies recommended action plans to strengthen IT security.
ProRealTime’s internal rules: ProRealTime does not execute orders for its own account via ProRealTime software or ProOrder technology. In addition, our IT charter and our policy against conflicts of interest oblige all ProRealTime employees to declare all transactions carried out on the financial markets, including via ProRealTime software and/or ProOrder technology.

Systems Import / Export

Share your own systems with your friends

Have you created a system that you want to share with a friend?
It's very simple:
- From the "ProBacktest and Automatic Trading" window, select the system you want to share and click on "Export".
- In the next window, select the option "None, the code will be editable", then click on the "Export” button.
- Your trading system will be exported as an ".itf" file.
- All you have to do is send this file by email to the person of your choice, who can easily import it into the ProRealTime platform!

Import a system created by a third party

Have you downloaded a trading system in ".itf" format from a website or forum? Has a friend sent you a trading system that he created?
Here is how to use it in our ProOrder AutoTrading module:
- From the "ProBacktest and Automatic Trading" window, click on the "Import" button.
- From the window that opens, select the .itf file on your computer and validate to import it onto your platform.
- The system now appears in the list of systems in the "ProBacktest and Automatic Trading" window.
- Check for yourself that this system is suitable for your personal situation and adapt it if necessary to suit you. It is better not to use a trading system from a third party without first testing it and adapting it if necessary.

Note: to run a ProOrder system with a real portfolio, its code must be accessible (and therefore modifiable). Consequently, if you import a system onto your platform whose code cannot be modified, you can only use it with ProBacktest.

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