What role does technical analysis play in your trading?

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Where do you stand?

1/ Some traders believe that technical analysis is useless. They believe that only fundamental analysis should be used. These traders generally tend to malign technical analysis.
2/ Other traders rely mainly on fundamental analysis but use technical analysis to open a position better, or to confirm their fundamental analysis.
3/ And finally, some traders are not concerned about fundamental analysis. These traders believe that the fundamentals are integrated into the charts; that a change in the fundamentals will be visible graphically.

What elements can you provide to justify your position?

For my part, I think I'm in position 3: 100% technical analysis. For me, the fundamentals are in the graphs. For me, variations in the fundamentals only gives us fundamental trend changes on the charts. But this does not prevent me from monitoring economic news, the growth/background decline, unexpected major events, etc. In order to monitor possible increases in volatility.

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