, Dangers of Amphetamine Psychosis

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SAN DIEGO, May 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Adderall abuse have side effects. All drugs have side effects.  Therefore, a drug a stimulant of any kind will most definitely have side effects in a percentage of patients.  Withdrawal symptoms are a very real possibility for those who are taking amphetamine mixed salts.  These unpleasant experiences may include fatigue, sleeping issues and food cravings as well as issues with mood.  Agitation, irritability as well as anxiety are all potential mood related problems that can and do occur in individuals who stop taking amphetamine mixed salts.

adderall abuse, Dangers of Amphetamine Psychosis

Amphetamine Psychosis

Yet, there are also more serious side effects, such as “amphetamine psychosis,” which results from taking large amounts of amphetamine mixed salts over a prolonged period of time.  The symptoms of “amphetamine psychosis” are often similar to schizophrenia and may include hallucinations.  The most serious potential side effect is that suicidal thoughts have been reported.

Finally, it is important to note that amphetamine mixed salts are not legal in all countries.  For example, the drug is prohibited in Japan and South Korea.  While a prescription is needed in the United States, this should not be seen as a de facto “stamp of approval” indicating that amphetamine mixed salts come with no risks.  Side effects are possible, and they are potentially serious.  The decision to take this drug should not be taken lightly nor should its withdrawal symptoms. is a drug news and article website dedicated to provide help information to individuals struggling with addiction.

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