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Team Cymru Launches Pure Signal(TM) Scout Insight for Enhanced Proactive Security With Advanced External Threat Intelligence

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Pure Signal™ Scout Insight lowers the barrier to entry for SOC teams to access external threat intelligence, enabling faster assessment, response, and recovery from cyber threats.

LAKE MARY, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 6, 2024 / Team Cymru, a global leader in external threat intelligence for exposure management, is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation, Pure Signal™ Scout Insight. The investigation and threat-hunting tool is designed to transform how SOC teams, incident responders, and threat analysts identify and track malicious entities on the internet. Tailored for SOC analysts, Scout Insight prioritizes speed, ease of use and seamless integration into existing workflows such as Splunk, leveraging generative AI capabilities to deliver enriched insights quickly along with added contextual details, empowering threat-hunting teams to proactively identify, prioritize and counteract malicious threats to safeguard their organization.

Pure Signal™ Scout InsightPure Signal™ Scout Insight

In today's complex security environment, organizations face a skills and technology gap alongside increasing cyber attacks that can cost an organization an average of $4.45 million per data breach. Pure Signal™ Scout Insight addresses these challenges by making threat-hunting and triage activities accessible to analysts of all experience levels. Its integration capabilities with SIEM, SOAR, and other resources enrich data and add valuable context, streamlining workflows and reducing operational costs.

"Recognizing the challenges faced by SOC teams, Scout Insight simplifies the process of obtaining enriched insights with added contextual information to their threat intelligence, enabling teams to be proactive through faster triage and incident response," explains Josh Picolet, Team Leader of Team Cymru's S2 Threat Research Team. "With the breadth and impact of threats and attacks increasing constantly, organizations need tools that help them effectively identify and stop threats before they even occur. We're excited to share that Pure Signal™ Scout Insight is that tool."

Pure Signal™ Scout Insight helps organizations expand their threat-hunting capabilities through the following:

  • Unified Platform: Provides a comprehensive view across data sources for unmatched cyber threat insight.
  • Accessible to All: Opens advanced threat intelligence to analysts at every level without financial or technical barriers.
  • Cost-Efficient Hunting: Offers an economical path to advanced cyber threat hunting, lowering entry barriers for all levels of analysis.
  • Automated Threat Intelligence: Feeds intelligence directly into SIEM/SOAR, bypassing the need for custom scripts and streamlining analysis.

The product has undergone extensive testing with a large, International group of security analysts from varying backgrounds. Response from users within Government, MSSPs, and medium to large-size organizations has been overwhelmingly positive.

"Pure Signal™ Scout provides all the details I need when investigating an IP address or Domain in one handy location," says David M., MDR Analyst at a Large MSSP. "I really like the ability to use the graphs to see activity over the last 30 days on a day-by-day basis. The associated domains and open ports when searching on an IP provided a wealth of information while threat hunting."

Another user, an IT Security Analyst at a large enterprise company, noted, "This is now the first place I go when investigating IP addresses or domains when I get a new alert. The tool itself is also very easy and intuitive to use. I highly recommend."

"Scout Insight is more than just a tool to hunt threats already present inside your organization," explains David Monnier, Team Cymru's CIO and Chief Evangelist. "By identifying and tracking malicious nodes on the internet, organizations can take action against threats before they reach the front door - and can help detect threats and reduce risk to third parties and supply chains as well."

To try Pure Signal™ Scout Insight free for 30 days, visit: https://www.team-cymru.com/ip-address-lookup-scout-insight

About Team Cymru

Since 2005, Team Cymru's mission has been to Save and Improve Human Lives by working with security teams around the world, enabling them to track and disrupt the most advanced bad actors and malevolent infrastructures. Government and Enterprise security teams rely on the Pure Signal™ platform with its inimitable access and visibility to close detection gaps, accelerate incident response, and detect threats and vulnerabilities across entire enterprises and third-party ecosystems. Its Community Services division provides no-cost threat detection, alerting, DDoS mitigation, and threat intelligence to more than 140 CSIRT teams across 86+ countries. Learn more at https://team-cymru.com.

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SOURCE: Team Cymru


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