AI analyses

The encrypted data (quotations, technical indicators, calculated data, etc...) are saved when the technical analysis is generated. This data respects the quotation delays which may be required by stock exchanges.

Our artificial intelligence provides technical analysis and not trading signals. The objective is to provide traders with an opinion on the direction of the market at a certain time. These automatic analyses should be viewed as a tool to help with decision making and not as a recommendation to immediately buy or sell at market price.

At the time an AI analysis is generated, the price may be close to the objective or the invalidation level. Each trader must use their own trading strategy to determine the best time to enter the market (which is not necessarily the time the analysis is generated).

It is in this point that an automatic analysis is different from a trading signal. The analysis is generated at the request of the trader and gives an opinion about the market, whereas a trading signal (which our IA does not provide) is sent at a precise moment to trigger opening a position.

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