Artificial intelligence dedicated to technical analysis

Artificial Intelligence Trading Londinia is an artificial intelligence that generates technical analyses on the instrument and time unit of your choice. Using more than 150 detection market scanners, over 120 trend or momentum signals, and all historical data, this AI provides relevant technical analysis that is easy to read and understand for all traders. The perfect decision-making tool for financial markets.

Londinia is an artificial intelligence specialized in technical analysis. This AI instantly provides traders with technical analysis on the asset and time unit of their choice. Londinia can analyse the chart for a stock, a stock index, a Forex currency pair, a commodity, and even a crypto-currency.

On each technical analysis, the artificial intelligence provides an analysis summary, an invalidation threshold and price objectives, a chart including plots, chart patterns and various technical indicators, signals and detection market scanners, and all the details and summarized data used to build this technical analysis.

Londinia is the perfect decision-making tool for financial markets. Traders and investors can use artificial intelligence to save time, to detect trading opportunities or simply to compare their analyses with those of our AI.

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