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After reading this book, you will be able to analyze any stock market chart, be it for stocks, stock indices, Forex currency pairs, or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.I will attempt to write a book on technical analysis as I would have liked to read it before laying my eyes on a stock chart for the first time. Many investors would like to master this technique but unfortunately do not know where to begin. True "bibles" on technical analysis exist, but they are often overwhelming. The guides available on the internet are disjointed or quickly delve into advanced concepts without properly explaining the basics.

For example, a well-known stock market website in France introduces moving averages in the second lesson. Moving averages are, in my opinion, powerful trend indicators that provide multiple pieces of information depending on how they are used. Introducing moving averages to a beginner analyst who has never looked at a chart is like giving a cane to a newborn to help them walk. You may even be unfamiliar with the term "moving average". We will come back to that!

In the early chapters of this book, I will not venture into advanced technical analysis. On the contrary, let's start from the basics and progress gradually. My goal is not to lose the beginner analyst who is discovering stock charts for the first time. If the concepts presented are too easy and familiar to you, I encourage you to skip them and move directly to the next chapter.

But I also want to satisfy the hunger of more seasoned analysts! I am not writing this book to provide you with only the basics. I hope to bridge the gap between theory and practice. The "bibles" of technical analysis offer you tons of theory but not a gram of practice. Not everything can be found in the manual, and this holds true for all professions. Moreover, I have never heard an analyst or trader say, "Hey Vincent, do you see this pattern forming on the gold chart? Do you know that there's a 63% chance the price will reach the target?" Nobody cares! And it's not what will determine whether they are right or wrong. Many things happen between the creation of a technical analysis and the realization of the envisioned scenario.

Statistics have proven that technical analysis works. YOUR goal as an analyst is simply to determine at a given moment whether the price is bullish or bearish, based on which levels or technical elements, and if objectives can be set. Then, the price's evolution immediately creates new uncertainties!

I am also writing this book to simplify your interpretation of charts. A complex technical analysis that includes 50 analysis tools is not necessarily more accurate or better than a simple technical analysis. On, some members often tell me, "Vincent, with your analysis, everything immediately becomes clearer, precise, and it works!" Yet, I don't use any technical indicators. Sometimes, I post analyses that include only a few drawings and simple key levels. With this book, I hope to make your technical analyses easier to use in your trading and easier to share with various analyst communities.

Enjoy the journey with a passionate believer in technical analysis!

Author : Vincent LAUNAY

Are you already mastering technical analysis?
Let me surprise you with this book! My 20 years of experience in technical analysis have allowed me to go far beyond theory. Each chart pattern is thoroughly reviewed in practice, offering insights into new targets. The exploration of various technical indicators should also encourage you to reconsider how you use them. It's an opportunity to discover new analysis tools or reconfigure the ones you already use.

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