Learn how to trade cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are in vogue and attract more and more investors and speculators. Before embarking on the cryptocurrency market, it is important to master these new financial instruments. Here are some guidelines that will help you to discover the cryptocurrency universe, learn about trading cryptocurrencies, discover how to mine cryptocurrencies, discover altcoins and avoid a lot of mistakes. Welcome to all cryptotraders!
Cryptocurrency trading for Beginner

Cryptocurrency trading: Beginner's Guide

This guide for cryptocurrency novices and new cryptotraders lets you discover everything that revolves around cryptocurrencies: blockchains, exchanges, ICOs, Wallets, etc. These tutorials help you to understand the cryptocurrency market better, to get the basics you need to become a cryptotrader and avoid the pitfalls that new investors may encounter in cryptocurrencies.
bitcoin cryptocurrency

Bitcoin - All you need to know about this cryptocurrency

Bitcoin, or King Bitcoin, is the largest cryptocurrency in terms of volumes. That is why we have assigned a specially dedicated guide to it. Here you can find all the Bitcoin tutorials, news which revolves around Bitcoin, and all the educational sheets dealing with this cryptocurrency.
cryptocurrency platform

Cryptocurrency exchange and trading platforms

On which platforms to buy cryptocurrencies. Do you have a liquidity problem on your cryptocurrency trading platform? Do you know that it is possible to compare platforms? This guide gathers together all the tutorials that will help cryptotraders to understand "exchanges” better. Also find platform comparisons or in-depth topics on “exchanges”.
altcoin cryptocurrency

Altcoins: Presentation - ICOs - Wallets - Airdrops

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies (altcoins) to follow, discover or invest in. Don't miss an important announcement that would boost an altcoin’s price. Don't miss an airdrop that will give you free tokens. Discover new cryptocurrencies and ICOs to participate in. Here is the special guide to altcoins!
mining cryptocurrency

Learn to mine cryptocurrency (mining)

Cryptocurrency mining is a rapidly expanding activity that can be very lucrative. There are many solutions for mining cryptocurrency: ASIC, cloud-mining, RIG, online mining, etc. Find out about cryptocurrency mining in our dedicated guide. Enjoy your reading!