Automatic trading: should you trust robots?

automatic trading Automatic trading or algorithmic trading, is the act of placing orders through a trading robot. This type of trading offers many advantages but there are a lot of pitfalls to avoid. Scams are legion in the world of automatic trading. Many robot vendors tempt you with promising backtests and promise to get rich if you buy their algorithm. Martingales do not exist. The only way to be a winner with automatic trading is to build your own trading strategy and have it coded, or to evolve an existing strategy.

The most widely used programming language, in the world of automatic trading, is the Metatrader language with MQL4 and MQL5 . Clearly, if you are not a computer scientist, it is very difficult to master this computer language and to program with it yourself. The development cost of your robot is then very variable depending on your strategy’s complexity.

To automate your trading strategy, there is a much simpler alternative, the ProOrder tool from ProRealTime. You can create your trading systems (your robot or expert advisor) without having to code. If you want more functionality, the ProBuilder tool is available. The code lines are simplified to make automatic trading more accessible. A community site has also been set up to share your robots and trading indicators. This is ProRealCode. You can have your strategy coded for free by an expert from the moment you agree to share the code with the other members of the site.