Artificial intelligence for your trading

Londinia, AI that supports you with your trading

Artificial intelligence
Benefit from technical analysis available at any time
Londinia is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that provides you with automatic technical analysis on the instrument and time unit of your choice. You can request it with a simple click whenever you need it.
Automatic technical analysis
Get an objective and relevant view of the market
Londinia has feedback for each asset: it gives you its trend (bullish, bearish, neutral), shares its key levels, its turning points and its price objectives.
IA technology
Use innovative technology based on big data
To provide you with its analysis, Londinia uses the large amount of technical and financial data collected by Central Analyzer. This state-of-the-art tool is constantly evolving to offer you ever more objective and relevant analysis of your favourite instruments!
67% success rate for Londinia!*
Performance AI

7958 analyses VALIDATED
4000 analyses INVALIDATED
1329 analyses IN PROGRESS
* Data updated: .
These statistics do not take into account NEUTRAL / WITHOUT TARGET / WITHOUT INVALIDATION THRESHOLD analyses for which PREMIUM members benefit from the guarantee "Validated analysis or refunded credit"

Automatic technical analysis in a single click!

For Londinia to generate automatic technical analysis, you only need a credit. Every day, one credit is offered free of charge to all CentralCharts members. For more credits, you can consult our various Premium packs.
Generation of automatic technical analysis by artificial intelligence
Make up your own mind by consulting all the technical analyses published by Londinia.

Become a PREMIUM member to take full advantage of Londinia's services

Benefits offered to Premium members

Validated analysis or refunded credit
Validated analysis or refunded credit
Your credits are only used for relevant analyses! Request a credit refund (see conditions) if the invalidation threshold is broken, the AI's opinion is neutral or the analysis does not specify price objectives.
Expert opinion
Expert opinion
An expert opinion allows you to obtain the opinion of an experienced technical analyst on an AI analysis. Every day, you can take advantage of a complementary and relevant opinion on the instrument of your choice.
Private analysis
Private analysis
You have the choice of whether or not to keep each of the automated AI analyses. This way, you can keep only those analyses that you think are the most relevant to your trading.
Analysis follow-up
Analysis follow-up
Take advantage of "Replay" technology and load all candlesticks created since the publication of an AI analysis. Follow price changes and talk with other traders in the CentralCharts community.