Altcoins: Presentation - ICOs - Wallets - Airdrops

altcoin cryptocurrency The cryptocurrency market is booming and the number of new cryptocurrencies is exploding. Here is a guide that is entirely dedicated to "altcoins" (cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin). The topics covered in this guide are diverse and varied, but are always focused on a particular altcoin, an opportunity to discover new cryptocurrencies, and therefore new blockchain projects. Do not miss any more good airdrops that give you new, free tokens, or the date of an ICO with high profit potential! This altcoin guide also gives advice on how to invest altcoins well, news on other cryptocurrencies, tutorials on how to use different wallets correctly and how to transfer cryptocurrencies. Enjoy your reading! And don't hesitate to participate!

The BEST book to learn how to invest successfully in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies :