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The NEO blockchain is one of the most promising, and numerous ICOs launch on this blockchain.
Some projects are simply launched on the NEO blockchain to allow the future creation of a new blockchain. Other projects simply use the NEO blockchain to make their project work.

For example, the NEOEXCHANGE ICO (NEX) will soon be launched. It is a trading platform operating on the NEO blockchain and opening ratings for all cryptocurrencies against NEO and GAS. No more returning to Bitcoin or Ethereum as soon as you want to part with an altcoin! You can now go back to NEO, GAS, ETH or BTC!

The last ICO launched on the NEO blockchain was APEX; and the previous ICO was RedPulse. RedPulse is already listed on some trading platforms and ICO investors have multiplied their investment by 15!

Back to the NEO blockchain ICO. I am telling you about it because all these projects are very promising (as I said), and I opened this topic to share this link: NEO ICO TRACKER.

This link will take you to an online excel file where all the upcoming NEO ICOs are analysed. Date of the pre-sale, date of the overall sale, price of the tokens, performance between the ICO price and the current quotation price, etc. The trader who maintains this file even issues notices regarding each ICO. And you'll also find valuable information about a project.

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