Zeepin: the cryptocurrency has launched its ICO on the NEO blockchain

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In the Zeepin community all organizations and individuals will have a reliable digital identity and the ability to transform innovative resources into protected digital assets that can be shared on the blockchain, so as to reduce the risks in the investment business and improve creative efficiency.

As an ecosystem, Zeepin Apps provide various API data interfaces for community developers, such as:
  • ZeeCrew
  • ZeeRights
  • ZeeCreate
  • ZeeSure
  • ZeeFund
  • Kickstarter décentralisé

Zeepin is committed to becoming the premier global innovation, transaction and investment platform based on blockchain technology for the creative industry. Zeepin = Creative Industry + Smart Economy

Why am I talking about Zeepin?

Investors who participated in Zeepin's initial coin offering (ICO) received ZPT at a cost price of $0.13 (including bonus). Unfortunately, the launch of the first ZPT rating on Kucoin fell in the middle of the cryptocurrency "blood bath". Investors are also used to seeing the price of a new cryptocurrency multiply by 10 times its purchase price in pre-sale and public sale; In this case, investors were all the more confident as the previous ICO on the NEO blockchain (RedPulse) had made a real hit!

In the end, Zeepin started at $0.13, was then quoted at $0.20 for a few hours, until the "blood bath" when ZPT dropped to $0.08, under the ICO price!

Is Zeepin a good investment?

Clearly, for the ICO to have been launched via the NEO blockchain the Zeepin project can’t be that bad. In my opinion, anything that revolves around the NEO blockchain, or works with the NEO blockchain, has potential. Not like on the Ethereum blockchain which agrees to launch everything and anything.

And I believe that Zeepin is the first cryptocurrency to have been quoted cheaper than its ICO price a few hours after the launch of its first rating.

At the time of writing this article, ZPT is at $0.10. It is always cheaper than the price paid by ICO participants, who (remember) had to provide a copy of their passports and fill out the KYC form. Traders who simply waited for its first rating on Kucoin didn’t have to provide anything. And this is without accounting for the waiting time (and risks) for ICO participants between the transfer of NEOs and the receipt of ZPTs.

I’m not recommending that you buy it; You need to be authorised to do that. But I'm just saying that at $0.10 Zeepin is only capitalised at $26 million and it is ranked 300th in the TOP cryptocurrencies ranking.

Having made a presentation of the first 150 cryptocurrencies, I can tell you that either some cryptocurrencies are well overvalued, or Zeepin is well undervalued.

A word to the wise!

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