Learn about market finance

Market finance includes all activities related to financial transactions on the financial markets. In this area, dedicated to learning, our objective is to help you learn about investment and trading. Generally speaking, this guide is intended for those who want to manage their money and be their own manager. We provide numerous guides to learn about the stock markets, trading, economics, cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities, asset management and technical analysis. All content is free for you to discover all the secrets of market finance.
CentralCharts Guide

Discovering CentralCharts

Discover the tools offered by CentralCharts, the trading social network to stay informed, share and succeed in the market. Follow tutorials and get informed about the new features and improvements of the site, the technical analysis platform or the artificial intelligence.
learn how to trade cryptocurrency

Learn how to trade cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are an increasingly popular investment alternative for individuals. This new market is revolutionizing the global economy and all investors want to benefit from it. Before investing in cryptocurrencies, however, you need to understand how they work, how to invest, identify the right opportunities and avoid the many pitfalls. If you want to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies, this is the place.
learn the stock markets for beginners

Learning about the stock markets: A Beginner's Guide

Investing in the stock markets is a good investment to make your savings grow. But, before you enter the stock markets, you must understand how they work and master the different elements of portfolio management (asset allocation, risk management, analysis tools, investment rules, etc.). These are the training elements offered in this complete guide to the stock markets.
learn forex

Learning Forex: Foreign exchange market

Forex (abbreviation of Foreign Exchange) is the currency market, also called the foreign exchange market. Since the early 2000s, the market has been growing significantly but losses are multiplying for individuals. 90% of traders lose out on Forex due to bad money management, lack of trading strategy or a bad psychological approach. The purpose of this Forex guide is to train you well and prepare you for Forex trading to give you the best chance possible.
learn trading for beginner trader

Learning Trading: A Beginner’s guide to trading

Trading is an activity that can be very lucrative, but before you can trade, you need to learn the basics, learn money management, define your own trading strategy and understand the importance of psychology in the financial markets. To help you learn, you will also find in this guide many trader tips and the best methods for learning how to trade.
learn technical analysis

Learn stock market technical analysis

Technical analysis helps identify buying and selling opportunities in the financial markets. This method is based on several elements: chart patterns, technical indicators and Japanese candlesticks. Technical analysis is based on the study of probabilities. It allows you to anticipate price movements and invest at the right time. Take time to read this guide carefully. It will be useful to you on all types of financial markets.
learn economy

Learning about the economy and its impact on stock markets

Economics and financial markets are closely linked. The various economic data elements, published throughout the year, and central banks’ monetary policy create the underlying trends on financial assets on the stock market. This section gives you all the elements to practice fundamental analysis from a macroeconomic point of view.