Comprehensive training course in trading on the stock exchange and financial markets

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7 modules for successful trading

Trading basics (9 videos)
Understand the different market mechanisms (order placement, spread, leverage, margin, order types, etc.) and master all the intricacies of futures and limited risk CFDs. Know which instrument to use depending on your needs.
Technical analysis (6 videos)
Learn how to read and analyse the different signals given by your charts. Know how to identify trends and interpret Japanese candlesticks, chart patterns and technical indicators. Perform your first real technical analysis!
Money management (6 videos)
Discover the importance of good risk management and how to implement it in your trading. Learn the essential rules to protect your capital and master the indicators to evaluate the quality of your trading.
Trading strategy (9 videos)
Understand the importance of developing your own trading strategy and save time by taking advantage of knowledgeable traders' experience. Avoid the many pitfalls that novice traders fall into and discover powerful tools to help you in your trading.
The trader’s psychology (6 videos)
Learn how to control your emotions to avoid endangering your capital. Learn about the different psychological states a trader can get into and apply experienced traders’ advice on how to deal with them.
Choosing a broker (5 videos)
Understand the benefits of choosing a well-regulated broker and find the broker best suited to your needs. Find out that with some brokers, substantial savings are possible and can maximize your trading performance.
Tips from successful traders (14 videos)
Discover concrete advice from successful investors to improve your performance. Learn how to optimize your risk management, your strategy, and the management of your emotions, the 3 pillars of a successful investor!
Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
14-day money back guarantee!

If you are not satisfied with our training course, we will give you a full refund. All you have to do is send us a simple email.

So, you have nothing to lose by taking our training course. We have been supporting novice traders for many, many years and we know exactly what they need to succeed in trading.

Trainers' presentation

The trainers - Vincent Launay and Bruno Dupray

Seasoned traders on the financial markets, Bruno Dupray et Vincent Launay remain committed to passing on their knowledge. Firstly, with the Tribuforex site and now with Centralcharts, they have been in contact with several thousand novice traders. As a result, they were able to identify a genuine need for good trading training. Bruno and Vincent have already created numerous training files which are freely available on Centralcharts as is their trading book entitled "Trading à sens unique" ("One Way Trading" in english). But training in trading takes a lot of time, which is why this fast-track trading training was created. This course’s English dubbing is by Louise Taylor.

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