Take advantage of preferential trading rates

Preferential trading rates on ProRealTime Trading
To access delayed time trading on 25 markets with ProRealTime Trading, the monthly subscription is 36€ a month. Through Centralcharts, the subscription is only 10€ a month. This represents a saving of 26€ a month.

To get the platform for free, you have to make 18 round trips on ProRealTime Trading. With Centralcharts' preferential rates, only 5 round trips are required.

This offer is valid for 24 months, with a total saving of 624€ over that period. Following your 24-month subscription, instead of 36€ a month, delayed time access is 20€ a month. So, you continue to save throughout the life of your subscription.

CentralCharts has also obtained preferential rates for traders who want a real-time subscription. Depending on the markets chosen, discounts are possible on the rates applied to obtain real-time.

These preferential rates, therefore, permit a large number of traders to obtain free access to the ProRealTime platform. These are significant savings for your trading business.

How can you take advantage of this exceptional offer?

There is only one condition for obtaining these preferential rates: complete the full trading training offered by CentralCharts. Effectively, we are convinced that it is essential to be well trained to succeed in trading. When you subscribe, you will be asked if you wish to transfer your contact details to ProRealTime. Simply accept and you can then benefit from a discount of over 70% on ProRealTime rates.
Comprehensive training in trading on the financial markets

Comprehensive training in trading on the stock exchange and financial markets dedicated to novices and experienced traders.
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4 hours of training over 7 modules.

What is ProRealTime Trading?

ProRealTime Trading is a multi-broker trading platform allowing you to trade from charts and order books. ProRealTime is not a broker. Its role is limited to the transmission of its clients' orders to partner brokers (Interactive Brokers, IG and Saxo). These brokers have won numerous awards and are among the leaders in their sector (Interactive Brokers for futures and IG for limited risk CFDs).
ProRealTime Trading Brokerage services
The ProRealTime platform was also voted "Best Trading Platform" by the independent website BrokerVergleich.com . ProRealTime's strength lies in the competence and responsiveness of its customer service for the platform, the speed of order execution thanks to excellent quote flows, powerful decision support tools with customizable market scanners, ultra-competitive brokerage rates among the lowest on the market, and finally the ability to create automatic trading systems without writing a single line of code. We didn't get voted best trading platform for no reason.
ProRealTime' Platform Advantages

Why choose ProRealTime Trading?

By opening an account at ProRealTime Trading, you have access to a reference, independent trading platform, associated with a broker who is world-renowned for the quality of its service (IG or Interactive Brokers). You ultimately get the best of both services in one account.
ProRealTime Trading services
The ProRealTime platform is scalable.

You should also be aware that the support is in English and you have a dedicated account manager. You can ask him to answer all your questions about the platform. It is also possible to benefit from an individual training session on the use of the platform.
Présentation de ProRealTime Trading
Finally, the last benefit of using ProRealTime Trading is the ability to take advantage of a simplified account opening procedure. This is an appreciable point, especially if you want to trade futures via Interactive Brokers. This is an English-speaking broker, so documents and support are only available in English. Also, the account opening procedure is much longer and more time-consuming than with ProRealTime Trading.

Pricing applied by ProRealTime

To be able to enjoy all the benefits of the platform and access trading on 25 markets on a delayed time basis, you must take out a basic subscription of 36€ a month. Delayed quotes are more than suitable if you are trading in the medium or long term.

If you wish to have real-time quotes on your charts, you must pay a surcharge on your subscription, the price of which varies according to the market you choose. For example, for Euronext shares in real-time, the surcharge is 9€ a month. Real-time quotes are essential if you are trading short term.

You can view ProRealTime rates here : ProRealTime Prices

This represents a significant cost to integrate into your trading. You should be aware that when you place orders through the ProRealTime platform, you benefit from a 1€ discount on the cost of the platform for each order executed. This way, the more orders you place, the lower your platform costs. Ultimately, the platform can be free if you are sufficiently active in the financial markets.

For a short-term trader, it is relatively simple to achieve free trading given the number of orders placed. However, for a medium to long term trader, this becomes challenging. This is where Centralcharts' preferential rates come into the picture.


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