Learn how to trade?

learning about trading Learning to trade requires time, patience, and above all a lot of motivation. Becoming a trader is something you have to earn. Being a good trader means having a good trading strategy, applying strict money management and knowing how to manage your emotions. These three pillars are the basis of trading.

To get started, you should first open a demo account. Your objective should not be to earn money but to be well trained. A demo account allows you to fully understand the mechanisms of opening a position, understand the risks of leverage and especially helps you to build your trading strategy (opening a buy/sell position, placing a stop loss, exiting a position). This is an essential first step.

Very often, novice traders have a bad image of trading. They consider this activity as elitist, but everyone is capable of becoming a trader. The large number of losing traders on the financial markets fuels this idea. However, these poor results are very often due to poor trading training.

To learn how to trade, you have the choice between paid and free trading courses. What is the best way to learn how to trade? How do you recognize the right training? Can you learn how to trade alone? This section answers all these questions. If you are at the beginning of your trading training, it can save you time and money.