Learning about the stock markets: A Beginner's Guide

Learning about stock markets is a long process. Before launching yourself onto the stock markets, you must understand how they work, understand the risks with volatility studies on securities, know what type of financial instrument to use, master stock market orders and finally know all the workings of portfolio management. Investing in the stock markets involves a lot of risks, you can lose all your capital if you are poorly prepared. Take time to learn with this comprehensive guide before investing. Put all the odds on your side if you want to win on the stock markets.
Stock exchange operation

Stock markets for dummies - How stock markets work

To get started on stock markets, you need to understand how stock markets work before you invest. The language used by stock market investors is very specific and if you want to understand it, this section is for you. This will not make you a better investor but you will be able to discuss stock markets with people around you or on specialized sites. Back to school.
financial instruments

Traditional, futures and derivative financial instruments

Choosing the right financial instrument to invest in the stock market is essential. You must learn how they work, their specificities, their risks and use the instrument best suited to your type of investment. Don't neglect this part in your learning, it could cost you a lot of money. Stockbrokers offer a multitude of financial instruments and it is sometimes difficult to find your way around. That's what this section will help you with.
stock exchange order

Stock market orders: which order should you use?

Learning about stock markets means learning about the different types of orders available on the financial markets. There again, brokers offer a wide choice. Each stock market order has a specific purpose. If you use the wrong order, you may not buy or sell your securities at the desired price. This can have serious consequences on your investments’ profitability. In this section you can find an overview of the different types of orders.
5 - portfolio management

Portfolio management on the stock markets

Learning about the stock market also means selecting investment assets. This is called portfolio management or asset management. It includes the basics of portfolio management, security selection, risk management tools, asset pricing models, different types of management and methods for analysing financial assets. This section is dedicated to investors who want to manage their stock portfolio directly. Before investing in the financial markets, it is important to know about the mechanisms of investing in the stock market.