Stock markets for dummies - How stock markets work

Stock exchange operation Are you taking your first steps on the stock markets? Do you have difficulty understanding the language of the stock market or how financial markets work? This section on stock markets for dummies is for you. As a novice investor, having a global vision of the stock markets is an essential step. To invest and speculate in equities successfully with the right conditions, you have to start with the basics. This involves learning the different stock market mechanisms, how to trade on the stock markets, how to buy shares, how your stock market order is transmitted to the market from your securities or trading account, what the different securities’ transactions are, how to access leverage, etc.

This section on stock markets for dummies is not going to make you a better investor, but you will be able to discuss it with other investors and understand their language. Before you think about earning money and making your money grow, you first need to understand stock markets. Learning is a long process but if you have the motivation, you can speculate successfully.

Playlist - Stock markets for dummies : In this playlist, CentralCharts has gathered together some of the best Youtube videos for learning about how stock markets work.

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