Learning Trading: A Beginner’s guide to trading

Learning trading doesn't happen overnight. If you don't have the time or motivation to train yourself well in trading, then it's better not to trade at all. There is no miracle recipe, to achieve a winning trading system in the long term requires a lot of work and effort. This guide to learning trading is an accelerator for your training and gives you all the essential elements to make you a good trader.
trading basics

Trading for Dummies - Learn the basics

The first step to learning trading is understanding the basics of trading. As a new trader, you are bound to have a lot of questions. If you don't know where to start, this learning guide lays the foundations for a structured trading approach with realistic goals. This is an important step if you want to succeed in the financial markets.
tips for becoming a trader

Tips for becoming a good trader

Are you unsuccessful with trading? So why not take advantage of advice from more experienced traders? It is good to listen to any tips. Enjoy them, they're free. Experience is often what makes the difference between a winning and losing trader. Take the time to read this section if you want your trading to progress.
trading strategy

Find your own trading strategy

Learning about trading means understanding that without a trading strategy, it is impossible to win in the financial markets. A trading strategy is a battle plan that you must follow to the letter on each of your trades. Finding a strategy is a long process. You have to carry out long experiments on a demo account to test different methods. This learning section introduces you to several trading strategies and helps you build your own!
money management trading

Money management in trading

Money management is at least as important as your trading strategy. If you can't manage your risk, you can't be a winner in your trading. Worse, you'll lose all your capital. Learning trading involves understanding the need to impose strict rules on your trading. To apply money management is to trade without stress. This learning section gives you the keys to managing your risk.
automatic trading

Automatic trading: should you trust robots?

Automatic trading is the act of entrusting the placing of orders to a trading algorithm. Widely used by institutional investors via high-frequency trading, automatic trading is developing more and more among private individuals. Here you will find everything you need to know about automatic trading.
psychology and trading

Psychology in Trading

Learning to trade is learning to manage your emotions. From the moment money is at stake, your emotions are multiplied. It is very difficult for novice traders to control themselves, and this is what inevitably leads them to the loss of their capital. This learning section on psychology in trading addresses these different emotions and how to control them. If you have already traded a little, you are bound to recognize yourself in these pages for learning about trading.
learning about trading

Learn how to trade?

On the net, there are a multitude of training courses to learn how to trade. These training courses are given by different players and can be paid or free. Who can you trust? Which courses should you choose? Can you learn trading on your own? Learning to trade is all about motivation. Whichever option you choose, it takes several years to learn well. If you don't have time for trading, then stop right now, it will save you money.
trading tools

Trading support tools

Trading software, market scanners, social trading, trading stations are all tools that can help you to improve your trading. If you want to learn about trading, this section presents the different tools available.