Artificial intelligence for your trading

1 artificial intelligence to meet 2 needs!

Whether you are looking for an analysis on a specific financial instrument or whether you are looking for new trading opportunities, Londinia is the solution!

Our Artificial Intelligence is today able to meet the needs of traders and investors through 2 complementary services included in the same subscription! Londinia is suitable for any active investor looking for short-term (a few hours/days) and medium-term (several weeks/months) opportunities, both up and down.
Find opportunities
I'm looking for trade or value opportunities to put in my portfolio...
Analyze an instrument
I'm looking for decision support on securities that I trade or have in my portfolio...

A unique, all-inclusive subscription!

Check Find opportunities
Analyzing the market in order to detect trade opportunities is a long and tedious job. With Londinia Opportunities and Londinia Trends, our AI does it for you! Londinia constantly scans the entire market to provide you with its best analysis, market trends and new trading opportunities.
Check Key levels of analysis
Only Londinia subscribers can view the key levels of analysis. Londinia has feedback for each asset: it gives you its trend (bullish, bearish, neutral), shares its key levels, its turning points and its price objectives.
Check Analyze an instrument
Each month you receive some credits included in your Londinia subscription (40 credits per month). Each credit allows you to ask Londinia for a technical analysis, on the instrument and time unit of your choice, as needed.
Londinia acts as a decision aid for you on the securities you wish to trade or that you already hold in your portfolio.
Check Validated analysis or refunded credit
Your credits are only used for relevant analyses! Your credit is automatically refunded if the invalidation threshold is surpassed, the AI's opinion is neutral or the analysis does not specify price objectives.
Check Expert opinion
An expert opinion allows you to obtain the opinion of an experienced technical analyst on an AI analysis. Every day, you can take advantage of a complementary and relevant opinion on the instrument of your choice.
Check Analysis follow-up
Take advantage of "Replay" technology and load all candlesticks created since the publication of an AI analysis. Follow price changes and talk with other traders in the CentralCharts communit.
Check Email Alerts
As soon as Londinia detects an opportunity, it publishes a complete analysis on the financial instrument and notifies you by email.
You are then free to pursue these trading opportunities or not with the financial intermediary of your choice.
Check 27,000 financial instruments
More than 27,000 financial instruments available : Stocks, Indices, Forex currency pairs, Futures (indices, commodities, Forex…), ETF, bonds, cryptocurrencies... Learn more

Monthly subscription 6 Months (-20%)
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$ 39.90 per month
Monthly subscription. Without commitment

Trustpilot 4.5 stars See more
Another way of learning how to read a chart
It’s been really helpful. Another way of learning how to read a chart. The convenience of the many ideas in your mail box so you can decide what trade to go for.
Helps keep me looking in the right direction
For my trading purposes, the Central Charts AI has been a helpful and insightful tool in my trading toolbox. The AI, with its unerring focus on what matters, helps filter out much of the noise and keep me looking in the right direction.
80% of the targets are achieved
I have observed 80% of the targets are achieved.
Wasiu R.
The app gives second opinion
The app gives second opinion on instruments choice with auto detection. Love the experience of the data link to exchanges timelyand label on chart for variation to not mislead.
For beginners and advanced traders
Very good service for beginners and as well for advanced traders as additional service
Very good tool for your money
This is a very good tool for your money
Pretty accurate from my experiences
Londinia has been pretty accurate from my experiences!
Highly recommended
Excellent service and highly recommended!
Just amazing
Thanks, with today's report I already recovered the subscription I paid you guys, just amazing, Cheers.
Very usefull
Your service is very usefull.
65% success rate for Londinia!
All15 min.1HDailyWeekly

408,788% analyses VALIDATED (consult)
220,383% analyses INVALIDATED (consult)
2,042% analyses IN PROGRESS (consult)
Data updated : .
These statistics do not take into account NEUTRAL / WITHOUT TARGET / WITHOUT INVALIDATION THRESHOLD / CANCELLED analyses for which subscribers benefit from the guarantee "Validated analysis or refunded credit".

The artificial intelligence Londinia

Artificial intelligence
Enjoy the power of artificial intelligence
Londinia is an artificial intelligence (AI) dedicated to technical analysis and trading. It is capable of providing analysis on the instrument and time unit of your choice. Londinia can analyze the chart of a stock, a stock index, a Forex currency pair, a commodity, and even a crypto-currency.
Market analysis
Get an objective and relevant view of the market
Londinia has feedback for each asset: it gives you its trend (bullish, bearish, neutral), shares its key levels, its turning points and its price objectives.
IA technology
Use innovative technology based on big data
To provide you with its analysis, Londinia uses the large amount of technical and financial data collected by CentralAnalyzer. This state-of-the-art tool is constantly evolving to offer you ever more objective and relevant analysis of your favourite instruments!
Replay technology
Follow your AI analysis with Replay technology
The Replay technology integrated into the CentralCharts platform allows you to better track your AI technical analysis. On each analysis, load all candles formed from the date of publication of the analysis to the price targets or the invalidation threshold.
Generation of technical analysis by artificial intelligence

More information about our artificial intelligence...

Monthly subscription 6 Months (-20%)
USD - (Change the currency)
$ 39.90 per month
Monthly subscription. Without commitment

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