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What is the THOR TOKEN cryptocurrency?

Thor Token is developing economic solutions powered by blockchain to help entrepreneurs earn more, more quickly and more securely. Thor Token offers entrepreneurs instant pay, access to a vast network of jobs, retirement planning and health benefits. Thor Token recently announced a formal partnership with Moonlight (, a revolutionary solution that matches entrepreneurs with employers and increases job search, placement, integration and management processes.

Official website:

Investors can still (as of today) be "whitelisted" to participate in theICO (initial coin offering)

Good to know: only 20,000 places are available for whitelisting.

Registration can be done here:

Participation in the Thor Token ICO

1/ Whitelist

Simply register, indicating your NEON wallet’s public address through which you will send your NEO; at this stage, you must also provide a passport, a photo (with passport in hand) and an identity documenta piece of identity.

2/ ICO

Investors simply have to transfer their NEO to another NEO wallet. They will be given the address for this when the ICO is launched. The countdown can be seen here:

The ICO opens on March 12 at 00:00 GMT: 

thor token ico
The first round will contain 10 million tokens. First round buyers will receive a 25% bonus.
The second round will contain 5 million tokens. Buyers in the second round will receive a symbolic 10% bonus.
The final round will contain 5 million tokens, no bonuses.

Public Sale Hard Cap: USD $20 million
Total Public Sale Supply: 23 million tokens

The maximum individual contribution is $2,000. The number of NEO corresponding to this max of $2,000 will be specified the day before the ICO.

Why am I telling you about Thor Token's ICO?

Because it's definitely an ICO I'm going to participate in. I'm already registered. I'm just waiting for the ICO to open.

For your information, I plan to participate in a large part of the ICOs launched on the NEO blockchain. Previously, I participated in the APEX ICO and received my CPXs well. I am only waiting for this cryptocurrency to be listed to find out if this investment is directly profitable for me.
I am also going to participate in the ICOs of NEX and MOONLIGHT next.

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