DAD Token and DAD blockchain

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Initially built on the Ontology blockchain, DAD is a new high-performance public blockchain project and a shared trust collaboration platform.
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Using Smart Contracts and token economy, DAD achieves data openness, transaction transparency and revenue sharing with users.

With improved ad quality and delivery efficiency, DAD aims to create a new generation of blockchain advertising systems and to redefine the advertising industry as we know it today.

DAD's key technologies

The DAD blockchain uses the brand new VBFT consensus algorithm based on VRF (Verifiable Random Function). It supports large-scale network operations and achieves high performance with possible consistency . VBFT can reach a TPS of more than 5000 in production. Confirmation of consensus takes only 5-10 seconds.

The DAD system mainly includes the DAD advertising engine, the DAD streaming calculation platform, the DAD offline calculation platform and peripheral auxiliary software. These include ad retrieval technology and audience targeting technology, etc.
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DAD's partners

- Cooperative partners:
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- Media partners:dad media partners

About the DAD token

A DAD token is a cryptocurrency running on the DAD blockchain. This is the heart of the DAD advertising economy. All kinds of transactions in the economic system are carried out with DAD tokens.

DAD tokens are published according to the NEP-5 token standard. After the DAD blockchain, when MainNet is launched, the NEP-5 tokens will be migrated to MainNet.

DAD tokens are published according to the NEP-5 standard with a total offer of 10 billion dollars. This will be awarded as follows:- 35% community and users, 25% institutional partners, 10% partners, 15% ecosystem, 15% core team.

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