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Simplified joint-stock company with a capital of 200,000 Euros
RCS Nanterre N° 819 783 663 
CENTRALCHARTS SAS - 30 avenue Edouard Belin - 92500 Rueil malmaison - France
EU VAT number : FR03819783663
Director of Publication : M. Launay Vincent
Receipt of CNIL (National computing and data privacy committee) number 1992111


Centralcharts is a Simplified joint-stock company with a capital of 200,000 Euros, registered in the Nanterre Trade and Companies Register under number 819783663 and whose office is located in 30 avenue Edouard Belin - 92500 Rueil malmaison - FRANCE. EU VAT number : FR03819783663.
The Director of Publication is M. Vincent Launay. He can be contacted by email at the following address :
Web host : GANDI – 15 place de la Nation – 75011 Paris – FRANCE. Tel : +33(1). – Fax : +33(1). Email :
The website is declared to the CNIL (National computing and data privacy committee) under number #1992111.
The information collected by CentralCharts is saved in a digital file to create your profile. This data is kept in a secure database as long as you use our services and will be automatically deleted after 3 years of inactivity. This data is maintained by SAS CentralCharts, 30 avenue Edouard Belin, 92500 Rueil-Malmaison, France. It is not in any case communicated to third parties and the only purpose is to create and let you access your private profile on CentralCharts. In conformity with the "digital and liberty" law, you can exercise your right to access your personal data via a link your edit profile page of your CentralCharts profile. For further information or to file a complaint, you may contact your data protection authority. For any correction or to delete your personal data, you can directly contact the CentralCharts team.


Clause No. 1: Purpose

The general terms and conditions of sale described below detail the rights and obligations of CentralCharts SAS and its client in connection with the sale of the following services:
- Pro Credit Package
- Expert Credit Package
- Accelerated trading training
- Other training course

Any service provided by CentralCharts SAS therefore implies the buyer's unreserved acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale.


Clause No. 2: Price

The prices of the services sold are those in force on the day the order is placed. They are denominated in euros and calculated inclusive of all taxes. VAT is included. There are no shipping costs.

CentralCharts SAS reserves the right to change its prices at any time. However, it undertakes to invoice the services ordered at the prices indicated when the order is placed.


Clause No. 3: Terms and conditions of purchase

L'achat des services mentionnés dans la clause n°1 se fait en ligne via le site Pour cela, l'acheteur doit disposer d'un compte sur le site CentralCharts. Les boutons d'actions pour passer commande sont alors actifs et permettent à l'acheteur d'enregistrer sa commande.

Une fois le paiement de la commande effectué, les modalités de remboursement sont détaillés à la clause n°7 (modalités de remboursement des formations) et la clause n°8 (modalités de remboursement des crédits).


Clause No. 4: Methods of payment

The payment of orders is made:
- either by Paypal;
- or by credit card;
When the order is placed, the buyer must pay the full price indicated for the service concerned.


Clause No. 5: Delivery

Delivery is made once the order has been confirmed.
When purchasing a credit pack, the buyer's credit balance is increased by the number of credits in the pack, i.e. 20 credits for a Pro pack and 200 credits for an Expert pack.
When purchasing one of the training courses mentioned in clause 1, the buyer can then access the content of the course by consulting the course description page.


Clause No. 6: VALIDITIES

The Pro credit pack is valid for 60 days and the Expert credit pack for 180 days.
The training courses (Accelerated Trading Training, High Performance Trader Training, Cryptocurrency Training) are available until the end of their sale on the website


Clause No. 7: Methods of refunding training courses

For all training courses purchased on the website, a satisfied or refunded guarantee is applicable. This guarantee allows the buyer to obtain a full refund without any justification on his part. To do this, the buyer must send an email to the following address:

Conditions for refunds
- The email must be sent within 7 working days of purchase. After that, the satisfied or refunded guarantee is no longer applicable.
- To obtain the refund, the buyer must indicate in his request the email address which enables him to connect to the site
- The buyer must not have waived the satisfaction or refund guarantee in order to be able to view the entire content of the training.

Refund period
If all conditions are met, CentralCharts SAS undertakes to refund the buyer within 30 working days.


Clause No. 8: Terms and conditions for credit refunds

The purchase of a Pro or Expert credit package allows the buyer to benefit from a refund guarantee on each of the credits used on This guarantee is applicable to analyses considered "invalid" or "neutral".

An analysis is considered "valid" and non-refundable if the following condition is met:
- Objective 1 is achieved during the 20 candlesticks following analysis publication.

An analysis is considered "valid" and refundable if the following condition is met:
- Objective 1 is issued but not achieved and the price remains above the invalidation threshold (presented in "my opinion") during the 20 candlesticks following the analysis publication.

An analysis is considered "invalid" and refundable if the following condition is met:
- During the 20 candlesticks following analysis publication, the price has closed 2 consecutive candlesticks above the invalidation threshold indicated in "my opinion".

An analysis is considered "neutral" and refundable if one of these conditions is met:
- The direction indicated in "my opinion" is neutral.
- The analysis does not present any price objectives.

Conditions for refunds
Our systems check the validity of the analyses during the night. Requests for reimbursement are available the day after the publication of the analysis. If the analysis is invalid or neutral, a refund link automatically appears on the analysis. To obtain the refund, the link has to be clicked.

Refund period:
Once the refund request is made, the buyer's credit balance is automatically and instantly re-credited. This credit is valid for 60 days.


Clause No. 9: Terms and conditions of the "expert opinion" service on AI analyses

Premium users can request additional advice from a professional analyst. This expert opinion can be requested once a day.
CentralCharts commits to provide this advice within 48 hours (excluding weekends). The opinion can be given to the user as a comment of the AI analysis or on the "wall" of his profile. This expert opinion will be on the same instrument and the same timeframe as the IA analysis generated by the user.


Clause No. 10: Complaints

For any complaint, the buyer can contact Centralcharts SAS via this email:


Clause No. 11: Applicable law and attribution of jurisdiction

The Conditions of Use are subject to French law. The Conditions of Use have been translated into several languages. In case of ambiguity or disputed interpretation, the version edited in the French language will have legal precedence over the versions edited in other languages. For any disagreement concerning this document, the User or Site visitor has the possibility to open a free mediation procedure with the French mediator of consumption before any litigation. To do this, the user or webSite visitor must first make a written complaint to CentralCharts, which is a necessary prerequisite to any mediation request. The mediator will be chosen by CENTRALCHARTS. ANY DISAGREEMENT OR LITIGATION WHICH CAN NOT BE SETTLED ON AN AMICABLE BASIS FALLS WITHIN THE EXCLUSIVE COMPETENCE OF THE PARIS COURTS IN FRANCE, NOTWITHSTANDING MULTIPLICITY OF DEFENDANTS, INTRODUCTION OF THIRD PARTIES, SUMMARY PROCEEDINGS, BY SUMMARY ACTION OR PETITION.