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    CentralCharts is a simple, free tool that allows individuals and professionals traders to share their technical/chart analyses on all financial markets (Stocks, Indexes, Forex, and Commodities). The CentralCharts tool allows you to stay informed about new trade opportunities on your market/s by following your favorite products and/or traders. The CentralCharts rating system allows traders to distinguish from each other according to their activities, their preferences, and the quality of their analyses.



    What is the relationship between CentralCharts and ProRealTime?
    Since its launch in 2014, CentralCharts' objective has been to offer traders and investors innovative solutions in technical analysis and trading.
    In order to maintain its strong growth, CentralCharts joined forces in 2016 with IT-Finance, the parent company of ProRealTime. This association has enabled the site to benefit from numerous technological elements such as a trading platform, quotations on financial instruments, rankings, market scanners, etc.
    It has also enabled us to successfully complete several projects, such as the development of our artificial intelligence.

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