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NETFLIX INC. - 1H - Technical analysis published on 05/15/2024 (GMT)

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I am delighted to see that my first price objective has been achieved. I hope you've taken advantage of it.
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  • Timeframe : 1H
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Summary of the analysis

Short term: Neutral
Underlying: Bullish
Technical indicators
My opinion
Bullish above 605.26 USD
My targets
624.03 USD (+1.87%)
636.18 USD (+3.85%)
My analysis
Has the basic bullish trend slowed or is it lacking in power? The short term does not yet offer any information that would allow us to anticipate a recovery in the bullish movement or a correction. Sellers' generally have the upper hand, even if a small correction (not tradeable) on the support located at 605.26 USD remains possible. It is advisable to trade NETFLIX INC. with the greatest caution, while favouring long positions (at the time of purchase) as long as the price remains well above 605.26 USD. The next bullish objective for buyers is set at 624.03 USD. A bullish break in this resistance would boost the bullish momentum. The buyers could then target the resistance located at 636.18 USD. If there is any crossing, the next objective would be the resistance located at 691.69 USD. PS: if there is a bearish break in the support located at 605.26 USD we suggest that you produce a new automated technical analysis. In fact, conditions should have changed. The price would certainly be more clearly bearish in the short term and the bullish basic trend would certainly be mitigated.

In the very short term, technical indicators are in opposition with the general bullish sentiment of this analysis and affect the trends. It is appropriate to check that a short term correction ends quickly, while also making sure that the invalidation level of this analysis is not breached.

Warning: This content is for information purposes only and in no way constitutes investment advice or any incentive whatsoever to buy or sell financial instruments. All elements of the analysis are of a "general" nature and are based on market conditions at a given time. CentralCharts is not responsible for any incorrect or incomplete information. Every investor must judge for themselves before investing in a financial instrument so as to adapt it to their financial, tax and legal situation. CentralCharts shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for any loss or lower income incurred as a result of reading this content. Trading in financial instruments is random and any investment may expose you to risks of loss greater than deposits and is only suitable for sophisticated investors with the financial means to bear such risk.

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Additional analysis


The NETFLIX INC. rating is 612.60 USD. On the day, this instrument lost -0.17% and was between 609.10 USD and 624.10 USD. This implies that the price is at +0.57% from its lowest and at -1.84% from its highest.


The Central Gaps scanner detects a bullish opening marking the presence of buyers ahead of sellers at the opening but not sufficiently marked to allow the price to register a quotation gap.

Central Gaps

Bullish opening

Type : Bullish

Timeframe : Openning

So that you have an overall view of the price change, here is a table showing the variations over several periods:
The study of the highest / lowest by the Central Records scanner shows the following results:

Central Records

Near a new HIGH record (1 year)

Type : Bullish

Timeframe : Weekly

Near a new HIGH record (1st january)

Type : Bullish

Timeframe : Weekly

New HIGH record (1 month)

Type : Bullish

Timeframe : Weekly


A technical analysis in 1H of this NETFLIX INC. chart shows a bullish trend. The signals given by moving averages are 75.00% bullish. This bullish trend could slow down given the neutral signals currently being given by short-term moving averages. The Central Indicators scanner does not detect any result on moving averages that would impact this trend.

In fact, only 9 technical indicators out of 18 studied are currently positioned bearish. Caution: the Central Indicators scanner currently detects an excess:

Central Indicators

Williams %R indicator is oversold : under -80

Type : Neutral

Timeframe : 1 hour

No additional result has been identified by Central Indicators, the scanner specialised in technical indicators.

An analysis of the price chart with the Central Patterns scanner (detector of chart patterns and resistances and supports) shows several results that can have an impact on the price change:

Central Patterns

Near horizontal support

Type : Bullish

Timeframe : 1 hour

Near support of channel

Type : Bullish

Timeframe : 1 hour

The Central Candlesticks scanner which studies Japanese candlesticks did not detect anything.


ProTrendLines 566.54 586.34 605.26 612.60 624.03 636.18 691.69
Change (%) -7.52% -4.29% -1.20% - +1.87% +3.85% +12.91%
Change -46.06 -26.26 -7.34 - +11.43 +23.58 +79.09
Level Minor Major Major - Minor Major Major

Attention could also be paid to pivot points to set price objectives:

Pivot points S3 S2 S1 PP R1 R2 R3

Pivot points S3 S2 S1 PP R1 R2 R3

Pivot points S3 S2 S1 PP R1 R2 R3

Numerical data

The following is the status of the technical indicators and moving averages at the time of publication of this technical analysis:

Technical indicators
Moving averages

RSI (14): 50.52
MACD (12,26,9): 1.1700
Directional Movement: 9.50
AROON (14): 21.43
DEMA (21): 614.98
Parabolic SAR (0,02-0,02-0,2): 623.81
Elder Ray (13): -2.45
Super Trend (3,10): 606.49
Zig ZAG (10): 612.05
VORTEX (21): 1.0100
Stochastique (14,3,5): 19.64
TEMA (21): 612.27
Williams %R (14): -76.18
Chande Momentum Oscillator (20): -4.45
Repulse (5,40,3): -0.3000
TRIX (15,9): 0.0400
Courbe Coppock: 0.12
MA7: 611.60
MA20: 583.17
MA50: 603.54
MA100: 570.62
MAexp7: 612.98
MAexp20: 612.87
MAexp50: 606.20
MAexp100: 597.81
Price / MA7: +0.16%
Price / MA20: +5.05%
Price / MA50: +1.50%
Price / MA100: +7.36%
Price / MAexp7: -0.06%
Price / MAexp20: -0.04%
Price / MAexp50: +1.06%
Price / MAexp100: +2.47%

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