RoboMQ Launches Major Product Enhancements to the Hire2Retire Employee Lifecycle Automation Product

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HRIS to Active Directory integration for employee onboarding and lifecycle management adds significant features like support for the pre-boarding lifecycle stage, enterprise-grade workflow management features, native ITSM integration, and automatic role-based application license provisioning.

MCLEAN, VA / ACCESSWIRE / September 18, 2023 / RoboMQ, a leading Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) and business process automation company, announced the completion of phase 4 and phase 5 with General Availability (GA) for version 5.4 of Hire2Retire, its leading Employee Lifecycle and Identity & Resource Provisioning Platform.

SuperiorSuperior "First Day at Work" Experience
Hire2Retire employee lifecycle and identity provisioning ensure new employees are ready to go on day one at the job.

Phase 5.4 of Hire2Retire adds role-based application access provisioning, expanding the scope of Hire2Retire's industry-leading role-based access control (RBAC) to assigning third-party licenses, auto-provisioning accounts, and keeping employee access to critical enterprise systems on a need-to-know basis. Phase 5.3 introduced Built-in or native integrations with ITSM systems that allow Hire2Retire to automatically create enriched tickets for IT teams to stay on top of onboarding, offboarding, role changes, resource-related assignments, and approval workflows.

Hire2Retire Phase 4 added enterprise-grade workflow management capabilities for company admins and addressed customer demand for pre-boarding lifecycle stage integration through fully automated preboarding with the applicant tracking system iCIMS. On top of all those features, Hire2Retire has also added support for HCM to AD integrations with Paylocity, Zoho, and Paymaster, adding to a lineup of over 12 compatible HRIS systems.

"I am excited about the addition of application access (SCIM) provisioning and support for pre-boarding lifecycle integration as these are frequent requests from our customers," said RoboMQ CEO Bramh Gupta. "With our philosophy of being a customer-focused organization, we are proud and excited to continue to deliver and execute a customer-driven roadmap."

RoboMQ's Hire2Retire handles hundreds of thousands of employee identities. Customers use Hire2Retire to reduce the cost of creating and managing employee accounts in AD or Azure AD, eliminating tasks often done using costly sysadmin resources. RoboMQ ensures employee profiles are created in AD, Azure AD, and identity systems in near real-time per their HR profile and role, ensuring employees have the right access and privileges to provide a superior "First Day at Work" experience. Similarly, employee access is removed in near real-time upon termination, ensuring the terminated employees do not walk away with privileged access preventing data security and reputation risks.

The Hire2Retire offering reflects an increased focus on data security and providing superior employee experiences by enabling them with the right tools, privileges, and technologies on day one. Customers in multiple industries use Hire2Retire to provide those benefits, including healthcare, finance, insurance & banking, retail, hospitality, food and beverages, manufacturing, and CPG.

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RoboMQ is a leading SaaS company that solves critical Business Process Automation problems and improves operational effectiveness by application of API and data integration technologies combined with intuitive, modern, and humanized UX, workflows, and advanced algorithms.

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