Virtual Cryptocurrency wallets

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You have been careful and did not leave your cryptocurrencies on the platform that allowed you to buy or trade them, so your cryptocurrencies are safe on a private wallet. A problem arises: how can you monitor the performance of all your cryptocurrencies now? Answer: you can create a virtual wallet on which to enter all your cryptocurrency purchases and sales. This virtual cryptocurrency wallet also lets you see your account balance in real time.

Solution 1: Virtual cryptocurrency wallets on Excel

In this article (Cryptocurrencies rated live on Excel), I show you the solution to automatically import all the cryptocurrency ratings into Excel. From there, it is easy (but a bit long) to build a virtual cryptocurrency wallet. You can then include transactions, charts, pie charts for risk exposure and evaluating diversification, etc. it’s tailor-made.

NB: if you have a good virtual cryptocurrency wallet built on Excel, do not hesitate to share it with the community in a comment on the discussion mentioned above.

Solution 2: Virtual cryptocurrency wallet on a website

Soon CentralChartswill, let you create one or more virtual cryptocurrency wallets directly online. Adding or removing a cryptocurrency in the virtual wallet is relatively easy. These virtual wallets have the advantage of enabling you to stay in touch with the community, being able to communicate freely with other traders, or following cryptocurrency news. Another advantage: you benefit from having your wallet’s historical development; this means that you can see the short/medium/long term development of your cryptocurrency investments (and not simply obtain a report at time T showing your wallet’s value).

Solution 3: virtual cryptocurrency wallet on a smartphone application

This is the solution that most cryptotraders use. There are numerous such applications which can be downloaded directly from Apple Store or Google PLAY.
I like "Delta", "Bitsnapp" and "Blockfolio" but there is something to criticise in each of them:

- “Bitsnapp" is very recent and does not yet offer a wallet progression chart. On the other hand, it is by far my favourite app for everything else. It offers perspectives that can't be seen anywhere else.

Virtual cryptocurrency wallet bitsnapp
- “Delta” can only be criticised for not allowing a dollar purchase price to be entered. Using the application, we have to indicate which trading platform we used to buy the cryptocurrency and at what price against the equivalent cryptocurrency. As a result, the cost price of this purchase is not always fair. Everything works well if we enter the first line of the wallet in real time but generally when we start using these applications it is because we already have several lines.
Virtual cryptocurrency wallet delta
- “Blockfolio" is one of the most used. I have just one criticism: the fact that we are obliged to click on a value to consult the global performance of a cryptocurrency compared to our cost price.
Virtual cryptocurrency wallet blockfolio
There are many other applications to track cryptocurrencies or to track a virtual cryptocurrency wallet. Don’t hesitate to share your findings with us.

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