ProRealTime Review – ProRealTime Trading with Interactive Brokers and IG

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All traders and investors know about the ProRealTime Trading platform (or "ProRealTime Software"). ProRealTime now offers white label brokerage services with IG Markets and Interactive Brokers. Read more about this in our ProRealTime trading review below.

What are the advantages of using ProRealTime over a direct account with IG Markets or Interactive Brokers?
- IG sponsored by ProRealTime is a white label of the broker IG Markets. Order execution is done by IG markets, but with a sponsored account, you get the Premium version of ProRealTime and customer support for the platform directly from ProRealTime’s specialized support teams.

- ProRealTime Trading is a white label of Interactive Brokers. The execution of your orders is done by Interactive Brokers with ProRealTime Trading and the conditions to open an account are more flexible (5000 € to open an account via ProRealTime vs 10000 USD directly via interactive brokers). You can also get the ProRealTime platform for free if you are active and platform support from ProRealTime.

Premium version of ProRealTime

ProRealTime Premium version

ProRealTime premium offers many exclusive powerful trading tools and upgrades over the Complete version.

Benefits of the Premium version

Benefits of the Premium version:
- Up to 4 times more historical data
- Display up to 100 charts simultaneously
- Display up to 10 lists of instruments simultaneously
- Premium market scans and automatic trading
- ...

The premium version is free for users of ProRealTime Trading or ProRealTime CFD if you are an active trader (see conditions on the ProRealTime website).

Investing with ProRealTime
ProRealTime Trading is an all-in-one solution to succeed in financial markets. You benefit from:
- ProRealTime’s award winning trading platform and innovative order transmission
- The best brokers for order execution and competitive prices

ProRealTime’s trading platform
In constant evolution since 2001, the ProRealTime Trading platform is used daily by thousands of traders. The combination of charting and analytic features with fast and reliable market data makes ProRealTime a powerful decision support tool.

ProRealTime regulation
ProRealTime is approved and supervised by the French financial authorities (ACPR - Banque de France and AMF).
They also only work with large brokerage firms that are known for their financial stability and best practices.

ProRealTime’s two brokerage services - comparison
ProRealTime two brokerage services

ProRealTime with Interactive Brokers

Some disadvantages of the ProRealTime with Interactive Brokers – Residents of most countries will be able to open an account, but its not possible to open a ProRealTime Trading for USA or Australia residents. Residents of those countries can still use the ProRealTime software without trading.

Disadvantages of IG sponsored by ProRealTime accounts - only CFDs and Forex can be traded, but not stocks or futures. ProRealTime trading with Interactive Brokers would be a better choice if you also want to trade futures and stocks also.

How to conclude this ProRealTime review?
Both services (ProRealTime Trading with Interactive Brokers and IG sponsored by ProRealTime) are among the best available for active traders. For example: the prices offered for trading futures are unbeatable. Look elsewhere if you like, but you will not find a less expensive service that also offers specific support for the trading platform and optimal security.
You can also read more ProRealTime reviews to see the opinions of ProRealTime users.

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