Definition of Cryptojacking

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What is Cryptojacking?

You may not have known it, but some sites mine cryptocurrencies without your knowledge with your computer while you consult them! This is called cryptojacking! This is not a joke. There are short scripts that, in less than 10 seconds, can be integrated into a website’s source code and that allow the webmaster to mine cryptocurrencies through your machine. These scripts run without your knowledge on your browser, and exploit your computer’s performance!

Cryptojacking in action!

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, it seemed obvious that savvy little crooks would find a solution to exploit web visitors’ performance. In practice, these short scripts (often in javascript) are installed without much difficulty in the source code of a website maintained by an unscrupulous webmaster. As an example, we can site "Coinhive".

Here is the system set up to perform cryptojacking:

cryptojacking explained
The webmaster simply has to register on the coinhive site, then generate a short script to integrate it onto his website, install it in the code of all his site’s pages, then visitors are cryptojacked without knowing it. And he gets free mined cryptocurrencies using your machine.

Visitors who are cryptojacked do not necessarily realize it, but their machine is taking a hit!
- high processor (CPU) utilization
- reduced battery life
- increase in the machine’s energy consumption
as well as material wear and tear, consulting the site is even more expensive for the web user.

Is cryptojacking allowed?

There is no official answer to this question, but it seems obvious that this is not honest!
The general regulations for protection of data relating to cryptojacking are very good but there are still measures which lag behind!

Notice to webmasters: this article aims to alert Internet users to bad practices used by some websites. So don't think of this article as a "good idea" to monetize your site. Also know that you risk a lot if you get caught! An Internet user may very well file a complaint against you or report you!

How to spot and/or block sites that cryptojack?

Many ad blockers on browsers or anti-virus programs already block scripts that would mine cryptocurrencies without your knowledge. However, a more radical solution consists in prohibiting Javascript on your browser (reactivating it only when you want it, or authorizing itself by default only for certain sites).

Finally, if you are in doubt about a site, there are sites like that lets you check if a site uses a mining script.

I can reassure you right away that CentralCharts does not use a mining script! But I invite you to go and check! ;)

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