100% Online Crypto Mining

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These days there are several solutions for mining cryptocurrencies; I would like to talk about the 100% online cryptocurrency mining solution.

What is 100% online cryptocurrency mining?

To put it simply, these are platforms or websites that make it easy for you to mine cryptocurrencies. You create an account on the site, then you click on "Mine", and it mines.
At first glance, 100% online cryptocurrency mining meets several needs: those of the computer nerds who want to start mining cryptocurrencies; those of the curious who are interested in cryptocurrencies without having a euro to invest in them; and I could go on. A lovely niche for prospecting!
More tangibly, what happens when you click on "Mine"? The software or the site will exploit your computer’s performance with a view to using this on the blockchain. Fortunately, the user has the ability to tailor this performance allocation.

Online Crypto Mining

Is 100% Online Cryptocurrency Mining Profitable?

Asking that question to an average user, who, 2 years ago, discovered that he could, without the least difficulty, and with minimum knowledge, mine Bitcoin simply by leaving a tab of his browser open. This user would have accumulated a few tens (even hundreds) of Bitcoin up to today; but Bitcoin rocketed, his "trivial" mining activity would have made him a millionaire!

At first sight, Mr Average would answer: "Yes, 100% online cryptocurrency mining is profitable!"
But today mining on these sites is no longer profitable. Or at least it is far from being profitable enough to cover the costs of your motherboard that would fry. If you're really interested in cryptocurrency mining, mine with a RIG!

Warning! What you should understand with online cryptocurrency mining is that you are heating the components of your computer that are not necessarily suitable for cryptocurrency mining.
Also be aware: you can now mine online even with a mobile phone. But then it's really the best way to fry your device, just to gain 5 euros.
So yes, if you set low mining limits while you work, it's not going to kill your machine. But that's not going to make you rich either.

Which sites mine cryptocurrencies directly online?

You don’t have to look hard to find competing sites. They all exploit the performance of your computer for free and, in the end, pay you 10% of their value. When you have mined just 1 ETH on these sites, how much do you think the site really pocketed from the Ethereum blockchain?

Simplicity and free handling always prevail; not to mention the company employees who have no qualms about mining cryptocurrencies during their working hours (even if it means running their office PCs at full capacity... and breaking them). And there are reasons why millions of individuals are currently mining online.
I'll stop there!
It's on MINERGATE. There you go. That’s an example; one of the biggest sites to mine online; and there are others.
On these sites, you click and it mines the chosen cryptocurrency. As soon as you want to withdraw profits from mining, you just have to make a transfer to an off-site wallet.

Who benefits from online cryptocurrency mining?

If you've followed me so far, you'll understand that online cryptocurrency mining (via a site like MinerGate) is only geared for unscrupulous employees.
At their workplace, the Internet and equipment are "free" for employees. This is why many of them nowadays leave their work computers running (even at night and at full capacity).

Warning! If you are an employee, I am absolutely not recommending you to mine online with your desktop computer.
Even if there is no firewall to block cryptocurrency mining on your company's internet network, don't forget that the internet bandwidth, or the power consumption of your office could be monitored.

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